I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a door. He was breathing outside, I could hear it. "Ohhh miikkee" it said, "I only want to play". I wanted to scream,"go away" but I didn't move. It suddenly pounded on my door heavily. " I know your in there" "LEAVE ME ALONE" I shouted. Then after a while, it was silent. I still stayed in the room. then The doorknob started to twist. Then, the door opened. I hid behind a box. "Mike, where are you?" It asked as it threw everything around in the room. I started to breath heavily. Suddenly, the box got picked up."FOUND YOU" it screamed as it picked me up. "I will eat you HEAD to TOE." I wanted to run. I wanted to hide, but I couldn't. "Please" I said."don't eat me" but it didn't listen. It chewed on my Head. I screamed as my skull cracked. Then I dropped and all I felt was pain. Then it ate me. And I no longer existed. THE END.