(This page is a WIP.)

"Hello traveler, would you like to pick up some items?"

Jello is a nice, caring monster. He will not be rude, even if you mock him. He loves to play battle with Undyne, his best friend. He sells items for healing and defense: Fresh Quiche, Jello the item, Wobbly armor, and Bouncy hammer. He has a max attack of 20 and an attack range of 13-20, 20 defense and the ability to manipulate water and make you cyan. When you are cyan, you can only move trough water.

He fills up the Hitbox with water and by doing so makes you 10% slower, however, using the sea tea item will undo the speed loss. }He is part of the royal guard and Papyrus hates him for it, despite this, He cares about Papyrus. He dosen't fight humans accept for in the genocide battle, where his health is 1000.

In pacifist, if a glitch is made, he will battle the human and only have 70 health. He knows about Gaster, but He does not call him by his name, He calls Gaster by "The dark one." He has met sans but has never talked to Sans, he hopes to one day talk to every monster in the underground, and to kiss queen Toriel. He does not have any children but hopes when he comes to the surface, He will be able to find a mate.

He was Asriel's favorite food vendor before Asriel died. Chara never harmed him because of it. He wants to one day start a band with onion san. He is able to play the guitar and play a song called "Jello there." He has never had a glamburger, but is able to move freely through hotland without drying out because he can bring pools of water with him from waterfall. He loves Toriel's Butterscotch pie! HE said this about it "That is the best thing I have ever eaten!" In the band, He will be singer despite being exceptional at the guitar. He gives out an item after you buy 5 items it can be redeemed for a free item.