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• 3/12/2017

Should you see this....

(I've been watching this entire wikia's activity)

(Creepy? Maybe? Just assume yes.)

If there are any questions about things your curious about just ask.

If i am inactive...(Which is almost never unless i am ignoring you)

If i do something annoying, just ask for me not to do it, i'll stop depending on what the thing is.

ALRIGHTY, now for the things about that roleplay this wikia was originally formed for.

If you wish to revive the roleplay, just ask me, i'll most likely allow you to revive it.

CHARACTERS ha ha ha, i was a terrible roleplayer when i started the roleplay, if you wish to ask questions about the characters you may. They might be the same, i might have changed them.

I don't exactly like to roleplay with too many people anymore as i usually get bored of roleplaying shortly after i start.

Conversations are the same as roleplaying.

If you wish to be admin (If you are not one already) just ask.

Give me whatever nickname you please.

There is an incredibly low chance that i'll respond to messages on this wikia, you would have a higher chance if you messaged me on:

That is all, enjoy your day/night whatever time it is that you are reading this.

I'll be doing that thing i tend to do when bored.

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• 3/13/2017
Can ya please bring it back?
• 3/13/2017
Lazygaming wrote:
Can ya please bring it back?

Roleplay I mean.

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